Buying a Kia Approved Used Car

All Kia Approved Used cars come with an unrivalled peace-of-mind package as standard which is designed to provide you with as much reassurance as when buying a brand new car.

All Kia Approved Used Cars currently on sale meet Transport for London Ultra Low Emission Zone standards.

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7 Year Warranty From The Day You Drive Away

Quality redefined. That’s how we describe our 7 year or 100,000 mile warranty: a unique and clear commitment to ensuring you benefit from the highest standards in car manufacturing. It’s also our commitment to you, demonstrating our confidence of quality in every component and that your Kia will stand the test of time.

Every one of our models is covered with a 7-year manufacturer’s car warranty, you can also pass it on: reselling your Kia within the warranty terms and the new owner will also benefit from the remaining time or mileage. It’s just one of the great benefits of the Kia Promise - giving you greater value for longer.

To maintain your warranty you must service your vehicle in line with the stated inspection and maintenance schedule although there is a one month or 1,000 mile allowance.

With Kia you get 7 years of driving pleasure, 7 years of fun, 7 years of adventure, excitement and exhilaration. Not to mention 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind...

Frequently asked questions

The Kia Used Cars mileage limit replicates that of our new cars which is 100,000 miles.

The number of claims you can make is unlimited, however the combined total cannot exceed the purchase price of the vehicle. If you are VAT registered you will be asked to settle the VAT separately.

Our definition is ‘the sudden and unexpected failure of a component which is covered by the warranty and which needs immediate repair or replacement’.

12 volt batteries, including any mechanical or electrical failure caused by incorrect battery maintenance or use including power surges dues to overloading.  Cosmetic finishes on seats, seat belts and upholstery and tyres, wheels, wiper blades, drive belts, replacement of bulbs, LED lighting, fuses, high tension leads and rubber gaiters, as well as Items which require periodic replacement such as sundries.

For clarity, exhaust systems are considered normal wear and tear components and are not covered under this warranty. Please ask you Kia dealership to show you an Approved Used Car Warranty Handbook for a more comprehensive list of exclusions.

Yes, there is a form at the back of the Used Car Warranty Handbook where you can register the new owner. Please note though, this has to be done with 14 days of purchase and there is a £19.50 fee.

If you are referring to the main battery pack as opposed to the 12V battery, then yes, this is also covered for all Kia Approved Used Cars, where-as the 12v and 48V batteries are covered for 24 months from the point of first registration.


2 Year Roadside Assistance

We want you to enjoy your Approved Used Kia whether that’s a local journey or a road-trip across the channel in Europe. In the unlikely event of any problem we have included 2-Years European Roadside Assistance via the RAC to help you at home or abroad with repatriation assistance and onward travel costs.

Frequently asked questions

Don’t worry! All our Approved Used Cars come with 24 months Roadside Assistance cover. Even if you don’t have a card, the breakdown and recovery service will still be provided. If you would like a Roadside Assistance card to be sent to you, please call 0330 1590781.

You can extend your breakdown cover online HERE , or by calling 0330 1590781.

Roadside Assistance can be contacted on 0333 2021827 or if you are in Europe on 00 33 472 43 52 55


1st Year MOT Test Cover

Kia will pay up to £1000 to cover the cost of a repair (excluding wear & tear) in the unlikely event this is needed when you return your Approved Used Kia to a franchised dealer for your first MOT test.

Frequently asked questions

Please note your Kia Assured MOT Test Cover does not cover the following accidental or malicious damage, windscreen, tyres, wheels, exhaust systems, catalytic convertors for corrosion or damage.

The cost of MOT test, re-test along with any repairs not completed within 30 days of issue of the MOT Test Certificate Report VT30 are not covered.

Additional Benefits

Hand Picked By Kia

All Kia Approved Used Cars are less than 20 months old and have covered less than 20,000 miles. We are confident in offering a 7-Year Warranty because only these cars have been refurbished at our UK Distribution Centre – the same facility that prepares our new cars.

Perfect Mechanical Condition

Each Kia Approved Used Car comes with a full service history and is refurbished and valeted to the highest of standards, making it look and feel like a brand new car.

Free Driveaway Insurance &
Excess Return

Let Kia Insurance quote to insure your Approved Used Kia and while you're deciding they'll provide free Driveway Insurance, so you can get on the road straight away. You'll also receive a free one year Excess Return Voucher to save you up to £250 if you make a motor claim. Subject to eligibility.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

All Kia Approved Used Cars have undertaken multi-point tests at both the UK Distribution Centre and Franchised Dealer by qualified Kia Technicians before being offered for sale.

Free Kia Accident Aftercare

As with our new cars, Approved used Kia cars also have a 24 hour service which is available in the event of a vehicle accident. Call Kia first on 0330 102 8832 regardless of who you’re insured with. We’ll do the rest, including liaising with your insurer and guaranteeing a repair at a Kia Approved Bodyshop.

Provenance Check

All Kia Approved Used second hand cars have been certified to be clear of major insurance claims for accident damage and to be free of any owed finance – meaning you can buy with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

We want to reassure you that you won’t face any unexpected battery costs if you purchase a Kia Approved Used Car so as part of the Vehicle Inspection process we ask the Franchise Dealer to confirm and print off the Battery State of Health using their Kia diagnostic systems so you are fully informed of the condition of the battery. The battery SOH for all Approved Used Cars should typically be in the very high 90s if not 100%.

All Approved Used Cars are serviced at our Kia Distribution Centre if they are within two months or 1,000 miles of their standard service schedule before delivery to our dealer network.

No, only those Used Car Kia Dealers who have signed up to our used car programme can provide a vehicle with all the added benefits of an Approved Used Car.

All Approved Used Cars are less than 20 months old so do not require an MOT.

All Approved Used Cars are a combination of Kia UK management & staff cars, Marketing & Press cars and those used by rental companies that we have scheduled to remarket as Approved Used. Therefore these cars may have had multiple users, however all Approved Used Cars have been fully refurbished at our UK Distribution Centre, that’s why we have the confidence to offer a 7-Year Warranty.

Yes, service plans are available via Kia Care which is designed to provide value and maintain your vehicle in top condition. Your dealer can give you a quote or visit for further information.